The journey continues…sugar free

So I left you when my friend had suggested that I try sugar-free/lowGI to help lose weight with my PCOS symptoms…

It seemed like a daunting task to begin with…as someone who used to carry sweets with me everywhere incase my blood sugars dropped and I got dizzy…I was really worried…plus I REALLY liked chocolate!

But I had to find the motivation from somewhere.

January 2017…
This was it…I promised myself…3 months…if I didn’t notice a difference then I could go back to sweets, cake and white carbs. I almost wanted to feel nothing.
3 weeks in…
I started to notice a change in my energy levels. I was less tired and I didnt shake if I hadn’t eaten for 3 hours…something was changing…but I still didn’t know if it would make a difference to my hormones.

A week later my husband was dying for fish and chips…so I figured as a one off I’d give it a shot…within 4 hours of eating I felt rough…stomach was cramping and other issues.

After a few more mishaps during my 3 month “trial” I soon realised that there was no going back for me.
  • I had more energy
  • I was losing weight for the first time in years
  • For some reason my skin was improving (probably because I wasn’t replacing  healthy snacks with a sugar hit)

But it wasn’t plain sailing from there…I’ll get into that in my next post.

Self image

So…I’d planned on posting about how I went sugar free and how I found it in my post this week, but today, something else has been on my mind all day, and I can’t focus on anything else.

Today I’ve been super aware of my PCOS with one of my most visual symptoms.

I woke up late, and didn’t have time to shave before work…meaning that today I’ve had to rock a bit of a beard.

Now I KNOW that it looks worse to me than it does to other people…but that doesn’t stop me spending all day trying to hide my chin whenever talking to people.

So in an attempt to try and remove some of its power over me…I’m going to accept it as much as I can and post it here…on the internet…where I can’t hide it.

What do you struggle with for your self image?

What is self-care?

What springs to your mind when you hear the term self-care?

Face masks?
Hair cut?
Duvet day?
Have a bath?
Cutting your nails?

OR something more unusual

Doing the dishes?
Hanging up the laundry that you’ve had to wash 3 times this week cause you keep forgetting to hang it up?
Cleaning the bathroom?
Taking your medication?

Self-care will be personal to you.

Don’t ever let anyone else define what your sef care should be!

Helpful link…

The beginning of my journey…

Hi 🙂

For me, my health and wellness journey began probably about 4 years ago…

Around October 2016 I went to see the gynaecologist about PCOS (a condition I’d been diagnosed with for years), and I was told that there wasnt much he could do for me…come back when I’d lost weight…but with no information on how I should go about doing that other than a calorie deficit should work… (turns out for me that wasnt the case). I got home that afternoon, and I cried. I felt helpless. (The pic below was taken about a month before this, while on holiday with some friends)

Anyone would think that at this point I might have started my journey…

Anyone would think that at this point I might have started my journey…

It actually took me over a year…by which point I was heavier…struggling with depression and anxiety…and stressed out by my job.

When I realised that my physical health was impacting my mental health…this was when I knew I had to make changes…I’d met and started dating a wonderful man…and we wanted to get married (he knew about my medical condition and accepted that having children may be difficult) and he coped brilliantly with my mental health problems.

We had set a date for our wedding in July 2017, and I bought my dress October 2016 slightly on the small side (I was going to lose weight to fit into it)…October through December I tried to lose weight all the normal methods…almost starving myself some days…and I lost nothing…NOTHING!

How could I be eating barely anything…hungry all the time but not lose weight? I turned to a friend who is a dietician and she looked into it and said that it could be sugar related and that following a lowGI (essentially a diabetic diet) might help. Gutted….but I was curious…and so it began.

An introduction to me

Thanks for joining me!

Thought a quick post to introduce myself may be quite interesting, and an apt way to start my month.

I’m Lexi, I’m 27 (turn 28 this month…I LOVE September) and have been married for about 2 years (just over).

I have a love of arts and crafts (@leximakesstuff on instagram) and I have been struggling with my weight for around 14 years due to a hormone condition called PCOS.

I’m mostly going to share my life here (at the moment that’s a lot of me fighting to get fit, lose weight, and battling my mental health), but alongside that will hopefully feature some crochet, knitting, cooking/recipes and other exciting adventures 🙂

The quote below was on the draft of this blog when I clicked into it…but I really like it so I’m going to keep it!

Thank you for being my good company!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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